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Xone basic technology platform is fully open
On September 18, the newly built Xone technology platform was officially opened to the public and will provide system solutions such as digital currency, digital wallets, and mobile payments to government agencies, banks, finance, commerce, life, social networking, entertainment and other industries and fields. Open digital capabilities, including Xone Chain, Xone ID, smart contracts and other core underlying technologies, fully empower digital scenarios such as payment, recharge, transfer, cash withdrawal, currency exchange, asset trading, etc., and promote the rapid, scientific and healthy development of the industry.
Huione APP v3.6 released online
September 16, 2023, Huione APP v3.6 is upgraded based on the Xone technology platform. It has a new interface, better experience, powerful functions, and safer verification. All channels are ready for download, welcome to install and experience
Xone and Pandabank reach strategic cooperation
March 1, 2023, the two parties plan to conduct in-depth cooperation in digital banking, fund security, risk management and control, technology finance, smart office, etc., and accelerate the transformation from traditional banks to more professional and efficient ones through complementary advantageous resources and cost reduction and efficiency improvement. A more efficient and secure digital bank has completed its transformation and upgrade.